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As the mandate rightfully dictates – the festival promises to promote, support, provide education about, and advocate for the cultural fabric of India to our cross-cultural audience.

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About the Hidden Gems Film Festival (HGFF)

Since its inception in 2009, the Hidden Gems Film Festival (HGFF) has screened independent films from all over India that are on the cutting edge of cinematic innovation. This festival unearths “secret jewels” from all corners of India.

The festival’s mission is to promote, support, educate, and advocate for India’s cultural fabric to a cross-cultural audience, as stated in the festival’s charter.

Vasudevam Kutumbkam: The world is one family is our mantra.

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Interstellar Official Trailer #2 (2014)

Five Movies That Have Something to Do With Casinos

The film begins with a low-level mobster named Sam “Ace” Rothstein getting tapped by his bosses to run the Tangiers Casino (αθλητικο στοιχημα). He is successful at first, but he is soon put in a position of power that is far more challenging than he bargained for. Luckily, the movie features a cast that includes loose-cannon enforcer Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci), the scheming loose-cannon Ginger (Sharon Stone), and Sam’s ex-wife, an artist named Lester Diamond.

Ocean’s 11

Despite its name, the Ocean’s Eleven movie and casino have little in common. Both are remakes of 1960 films starring the Rat Pack, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Andy Garcia. They both feature master criminals and high-tech gadgetry. The movie also introduces new characters such as Rudy Ryan and Rusty. The film features a memorable song from Sammy Davis Jr. and cameos from Red Skelton, George Raft, Julia Roberts, and more.

The movie begins with Danny Ocean, who is recently released from prison. Immediately after his release, he heads to a casino in Atlantic City and meets with an old friend, Frank Cotton, a blackjack dealer. Although they are utterly unaware of each other, they exchange coded phrases, including the phrase “he just got out of prison.”


One of the most common themes in modern cinema is the casino. Not only do casinos create tension, but movie actors also act as casino owners. In this way, the casino setting provides an ideal backdrop for criminal activities. You may be surprised to learn that many casino situations are real. But how do you differentiate real from fictional situations? Read on to learn more. Whether you prefer to play the game or not, movies can be an excellent source of inspiration for you next time you want to win big.

In the film, actors and actresses play real-life characters. Sam is based on Frank Rosenthal, who operated four casinos for the Chicago Outfit. The movie also features James Woods, who played Lenny Marmor. The movie was so successful that its characters were made into casino games. A variety of versions of popular games is also offered in online casinos. Among the most popular games are classic versions, Sling versions, and live casino games.

Run Lola Run

The dazzling frenzy and the pouty performance of the characters in the RUN LOLA RUN movie and casino are part of the sexy saga of a gangster and his girlfriend. While the film contains a lot of foul language, nominalistic manipulation of space and time, and other immorality, it is still a highly entertaining watch. The gangster’s girlfriend is an unlikable loser, so is the casino.

If the Run Lola-run movie and casino is any indication, it is one of the best cinematographic narration experiments of the last two decades. While In Time has some flaws, the concept is excellent. The low-key casino reflects the raw German culture perfectly. Lola is warned that she is not dressed appropriately, but she gambles her money on the black number twice. This strategy gets her into trouble in a casino and eventually gets her thrown out.

Molly’s Game

The movie Molly’s Game is based on the true story of a 35-year-old female gambler. Molly had accumulated debt and had a bad image, but she didn’t wallow in self-pity. Instead, she approached screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and told him about her life. The movie follows her struggle to become financially independent and gain notoriety within the gambling community.

She moves to New York and begins contacting rich New Yorkers in order to get enough players to run a few games a week. However, she fears that she will run out of money when some players are unable to pay, so she convinces her dealer to take a percentage of the large pots. After the casino owner starts to investigate her, she becomes addicted to drugs. Her players include wealthy Russian mafia members.

The Cooler

While the film takes place in Las Vegas near Fremont Street, the actual setting is Reno, Nevada, and a fictional casino called Shangri-La. While the movie is a satire of gambling and casino culture, Reno may actually work well as a stand-in for Des Moines, Iowa. Film producer Elliot Rosenblatt secured a deal with the Golden Phoenix, now the Montage Reno, and rented out the entire casino for filming. The shooting took place primarily on the second floor. The scenes in Reno’s back alley were shot at Fulton Alley.

Despite the satirical nature of the storyline, The Cooler does offer a good lesson about dressing in casinos. The film’s costume designer, Kristin M. Burke, dresses Bernie in better-fitting suits to give the impression of a boy. While his suit is fitted for size, Bernie accessorizes it with a brightly colored shirt. In addition, lighting schemes were used to convey his character’s progress.


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