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Hidden Gems Film Festival (HGFF)
From: Niru Bhatia
This May is Asian Heritage Month. Please check out the films being offered, including the Hidden Gems Film Festival (HGFF) contribution, “kai po che”.
Thank you.
The website for Asian Heritage Month is: https://asianheritageyyc.ca .
If you click on Films, you will see the film options including Hidden Gems’ film “kai po che”. You can access this film at any time. There is another Chinese film: “In the Shadow of Gold Mountain”, which you can also see now.
For other films, you need to register, starting on Saturday, May 1, 2021. The Asian Heritage Month films are free and are available throughout May.
We hope that you enjoy these films.
If you missed “kai po che” when the Hidden Gems Film Festival (HGFF) screened it online in 2020, please do watch this intriguing film this month via the Asian Heritage Month. It is a coming of age story of three high school students. This debut film launched all three actors to Superstardom. In particular, it was Sushant Rajput’s first film. Please watch Louis B. Hobson’s critique of the film afterwards as well. He explains the nuances of the film as only Louis B. can!
From Marnie Shaw: I highly recommend “kai po che”. It is my favourite of the five HGFF 2020 films.



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